How to use



Wet your hair and the shampoo bar thoroughly.


Rub the product between hands to create a lather and put the bar down.


Massage the bar directly onto hair and put the bar down.


Gently massage the product on your scalp and rinse.

Care Tips

Taking care of your bars after shower will allow your product to last longer!

Drying the product after usage is very important to maximise the lifespan of your shampoo bar. The drier the bars are between uses, the longer they will last. Keep your bars out of the shower or a dry space to give them a proper chance to dry. You could use our shampoo bag and hang it outside the shower to get the bar thoroughly dry.

Little pieces of shampoo bars

What do you do when your bars gets too small to use?

1. Shampoo Bags

Our shampoo bags are great when we get to the end of the bar. You can hang the bags outside the shower to get the bar thoroughly dry.

2. Turn it into a liquid product

Take a half thumbnail-sized piece (about 3 grams) and pop into a cup of about 50ml boiled water. Let the bar sit for about 10 seconds before stirring. If the liquid is too thick, add drops of water till your preferred consistency. Store it in the fridge and use the liquid within a week. If there is any discolouration or mould, discard the mixture immediately.

Note: Do NOT do this with a full-size bar. Our bars contain little to no preservatives and you might end up with a bottle full of mouldy smelly liquid.