About Me

"I've always been Obsessed over Ingredients in Skincare and Haircare!"

I vividly remember spending hours everyday after school at my local drugstore, reading and googling at the same time on what ingredients are in the products I'm about to buy. Till date my husband is still in fear of me walking in to the shop.

"Hair Loss, Dry and flaky scalp started becoming a norm as i entered my twenties"

As I started my career, I realised I'm constantly faced with flaky scalp and hair loss seems to be out of control, constantly clogging up my drain my room is littered with my fallen hair. I started to notice thinning of my hair as well. Confidence dropped gradually but continuously.

"Like most of us, i tried everything. and nothing worked"

You name it, I've done it. All brands, All Shampoo, All new technology. Nothing seems to be helping. My confidence is fading and at some point I considered just accepting that this is part of fate.

"I decided to not give up, and do what i do best which is analyzing ingredients"

I don't want to accept that this is the cards that I'm dealt with. Hence I went deep into research mode. Speaking to multiple experts, understanding origins of ingredients and why some things work and some doesn't.

"Eureka! It has to be a bar form! Together with A combination of all natural ingredients. "

Only bars are able to deliver the most nutrients in a short amount of time because it is not diluted. Why didn't I think of it sooner! I went ahead to start formulating a all natural bar form to test on none other than myself (And my Sister. HAHA)! 

"BeginWithBeth was created to share all my learnings in this one product that changed my life"

I started this company because I realised I was not the only one benefitting from this. I wanted as many people as possible to regain their confidence through my research. Now I am very confident of the product that i'm using and the impact it has on my hair!

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